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    Terms & Conditions

    1. Counselling Consent/Contract

    In order to start online counselling clients need to read the informed consent form and counselling contract.
    Power of Mind will email each individual client an informed consent/counselling contract form to sign before online counselling takes place. Clients are asked to fax back the form to Fax Number: (Country Area Code) +61 02 8209 4887 or scan and email the form to [email protected] Online counselling will begin after the form has been signed and sent back to Power of Mind. Please click on Informed Consent Form.

    2. Disclaimer

    This website is provided by Power of Mind for the purpose of providing online counselling to individual clients. The service is for anybody who would like to receive counselling as long as the individual client is able to understand and acknowledge what is involved in this service and are willing to cooperate and follow terms and conditions. This website contains information and links to other websites which are external to Power of Mind. Power of Mind takes careful consideration when adding links to the website. It is the user’s responsibility to acknowledge the necessary appropriateness of information contained in other other external sites.

    3. Liability

    Power of Mind holds no liability if the connection with the website becomes unavailable. Power of Mind does not accept any liability for any injury, loss, costs, damage or false information given to receive counselling from this website. Power of Mind holds no resonsibility to a user’s computer system, software and data technical difficulty occuring in connection to this website. Power of Mind holds no responsibility and holds no liability in regard to any computer viruses, computer corruption to any individual client’s computer.

    4. Payment

    Payment is to be made through PayPal at a fee of $60.00 per 60 minutes. Payment may also be made through direct deposit. Payment is needed to be made before counselling (any or a) session begins. If by any chance you are having difficulty connecting to the internet at the appointment time scheduled, please email Power of Mind [email protected] within 24 hours to arrange another appointment time.

    5. Copyright

    The material on this website is copyright to Power of Mind.