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    The relationship between the counsellor and client is vital in the counselling process and confidentiality is of most importance working with the client whether it is by having face to face counselling sessions or online counselling sessions. All information will remain confidential and be kept private at all times. provides a counselling informed consent form outlining confidentiality that the client signs before the first session begins. In this consent form you will find information about your counsellor including qualifications and you can become more familiar with your professional counsellor.

    You are required to make sure that the computers that you are using to engage online counselling chats are well guarded and protected against virus threats and other unauthorized intrusions.

    At we maintain very high professional standards.

    During the session only the counsellor will be present to listen to your questions and concerns and to guide you through the counselling process. If you are opting for email counselling services, all the emails will reach the counsellor directly without any use of third party services.

    Power of Mind can assist and supports you in a confidential and private manner at all times and if you have any concerns you are welcome to ask any questions. Some clients may not want to seek counselling sessions due to the confidentiality aspect and they might have concerns about it being breached but we value are committed to your privacy, confidentiality and we respect clients to the best of our ability. Providing a confidential service is highly focused on within the counsellor client relationship and we acknowledge the difficulty a client may have initially seeking counselling assistance.