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    Online Counsellor

    Online counsellor or online therapists are terms used today to refer to practitioners who provide online counselling or online therapy to clients via the internet. The online counsellor or online therapist role is to support the client in the counselling process through the use of technology today. The client is able to access the internet at their convenience wherever they might be located, including the home, work or using their flexibility to arrange an appointment suitable to them.

    The Skype program is mainly used to provide the counselling sessions via the internet including: video, audio and text based counselling sessions. Online counselling can be another method to seek counselling assistance instead of having face to face counselling with your professional counsellor or therapist.

    If you have felt uncomfortable in seeking face to face counselling in the past or have been embarrassed, shy or afraid depending on the issues and concerns you have had perhaps online counselling could be another method of counselling for you to try out.

    Your online counsellor at can provide you with assistance and support with the concerns you are having. You will require an internet connection, a computer and head set or microphone is optional.
    You can interact directly with your online counsellor through the internet. You can use the internet at your convenience at a place that suits you, at home or wherever you have an internet connection.

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