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    We are dedicated and committed to providing you with resources that we believe will be helpful to you. Feel free to click on listed resource links to gain further information about different services and areas of interest.

    Brian Trigg – Aussie Visa Services P/L

    Migration Agents Registration Number: 157 49 78 (MARA)

    Education Agent: (QEAC) K527

    “EduPsych’s core sectors of expertise are Psychological Counseling services, Corporate Training, Psycho-Educational Assistance, Psychological Assessments, Planning, Conceptualizing and Conducting Creative Events and Self-help & Educative Workshops, and ALL Services Psychological, Training and Educational.

    EduPsych is a vision. A vision for creation. The vision is to bring about a positive change in the world through innovative yet simplistic creativity.

    ​EduPsych, is a professionally managed 2017 established company dealing in all things educational and psychological: counseling sessions, workshops, corporate training, psycho-educational assistance (educational aids and supplements), psychological assessments, creative events (an awareness and promotional drive) and pause for a cause (fund raising events) motives.

    ​EduPsych has already trained and tutored more than 1000 students from various schools in Kolkata. EduPsych has successfully helped offer Psychological Counseling services to more than 720 clients of varied age groups: children, teens, adults, elderly; and has showcased skills like: child counseling, stress management, OCD, sports counseling, marital counseling, premarital counseling, anxiety, fear, etc.

    ​​EduPsych, aiming at helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) achieve their financing objectives, is becoming a developing commercial service industry in India and has great market potential. The institute serves both individual and institutional customers.

    ​Our training sessions are meticulously planned by us and designed in a manner geared towards the maximization of efficiency. Your time is valuable, and so is ours, so our goal is to best prepare you while taking up the least amount of your time possible.

    EduPsych encourages all innovators to discover our various methods through which we can bring about a change through creation.


    Email: [email protected]

    Contact Number: +917980925582

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    Those who seek help early usually find that they enjoy the experience and have healthier, more satisfying lives as a result.”

    Aimee York, B.OccThy | Principal Occupational Therapist and Director of KinderCloud

    Certified TLP Practitioner
    Aimee York is the Director and Principal OT of KinderCloud. She is experienced in the assessment and intervention of children and adolescents. In particular, Aimee has a special interest area of working with children and adolescents who experience difficulties with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Global Developmental Delays, attention and behavioural difficulties, social skills, functional skills (including toileting and feeding), School Readiness and pre-school academic skills, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and sensory processing.
    Occupational Therapy helps people to achieve what they want to do, need to do and have to do in a meaningful way. When working with children, Aimee looks at a child’s main roles: that is, being a family member, friend, playing, self-care and sleeping. If there is any level of concern or dysfunction in any of those areas, Aimee will provide therapy to address these areas.
    Aimee will work with you and your child to achieve success through meaningful activity. During your individual OT sessions, Aimee will provide you and your child with a range of activities and therapy interventions to assist in skill development.
    Through her certified training to become a TLP (The Listening Program) Practitioner, Aimee can use this complementary therapeutic intervention to further assist your child.
    All KinderCloud Occupational Therapists are fully registered with AHPRA. All KinderCloud Occupational Therapists are committed members to Occupational Therapy Australia.
    Aimee aims to improve function in a child’s life by working with the family, teachers and any other primary stakeholders to improve quality of life. To contact Aimee, please email her at [email protected], or alternatively call 0409 279 728 or visit

    Artemis Antoniou BSc; MSc Counselling Psychologist & Integrative Therapist – Theorist, Speaker, Author and Consultant I am open to work with people who are interested for a humanistic and integrative approach for their emotional issues or difficulties. I speak both English & Greek. Please have a look at my website

    Claire MATHIJSEN Licenced Clinical Psychologist, psychodynamic approach with psychoanalytic training and multicultural background. Area of expertise: Individual therapy with adolescents and adults; specialty in children & families; couples. Trained in USA & France. Speaks English, French, German, Dutch and Italian. Located in Central Paris, Metro Sèvres-Babylone.

    Toulouse Therapy, Accredited CBT therapy for English speakers via Skype

    Counselling and Psychotherapy – Our Qualified and professional psychotherapist in Melbourne provides counselling and psychoanalysis. Our aim is to provide a safe, warm, supportive and non judgmental space that allows your challenges, whether that’s mental health difficulties, relationship problems, life changes, trauma, addictions or any other difficulties that life throws at us to be heard and worked through.

    Eros Coaching, Provides sexuality, intimacy and relationship coaching in Singapore and via skype. Dr. Martha Tara is clinical sexologist with certificates in life coaching, practical counselling and sex therapy. She is compassionate, open and non-judgmental.

    Medical Herbalist & Nutritionist, Trevor works with a wide variety of conditions, specialising in: Intergrated Cancer programs, Arthritis – Rheumatoid and Osteo, Blood pressure and Cardiovascular, Immune Issues, Men’s Health, Thyroid and Adrenal, Eczema, Sustainable and healthy weight loss, Health for life – sustainable personal health lifestyle coaching. Description Wheki Health & Wellness: Wheki Health & Wellness in Albion, Brisbane is a cooperative of natural medicine practitioners who collectively offer a broad range of modalities including, Acupuncture, Medical Herbalism, Massage, Naturopathy and Nutrition. The traditional concepts surrounding of the Wheki fern underpin the principals of practice at Wheki Health & Wellness.In the New Zealand Maori tradition the Wheki tree fern (Dicksonia squarrosa) is said to represent the knowledge and practical application of wholistic healing. As part of our wholistic approach Wheki Health & Wellness practitioners work together to provide the best healing pathway possible for reaching your intended health and well being goals.

    Mark Dempster Director – Mark Dempster Counselling Ltd 7 Harley Street, London, W1G 8BJ T: 020 3239 7061
    M: 07971 467305

    Director and GP psychotherapist – Integrate Place at Baywest Medical Centre

    Teens N Parents Counseling & Grooming Center for Teenage Boys & Girls. To develop healthy body and mind before TEENAGE completes, among your friends and family members for better understanding of teenage physical, emotional, reproductive, social changes

    Dr Jyot’s Share and Care Teenage Center Pubert and Body Development, life Skills Learning, Career Guidance, Parenting of Teenagers.

    Elizabeth Bennett – Theorist, Speaker, Author and Consultant

    National Survivor Specialist – Free Magazine For Every Women. Articles for women of all ages and stages! Be informed of the latest movies, Celebrity Interviews & Music, plus Shopping, Fashion, Beauty. Mother, baby & Family Articles, Freebies & Fabulous Competitions, Business & Finance, Love & Relationships, Health, Travel, Advice, Plus join our Free VIP Club & virtual women’s community.

    Corporate Chillout Team Building & Wellbeing Programs, Australia – Corporate Training & Team Building Programs designed to enhance the health & wellbeing of your staff. Choose from yoga, tai chi, meditation, drumming many more… all designed to lower stress levels & improve work life balance.


    Cheshire Therapy Services – Psychotherapy Counselling in South Manchester and Liverpool. We can help you make the changes in your life by understanding why your thoughts, feelings or behaviours may be preventing you from moving forward.


    Child Abuse Effects – Identifies the four types of abuse, including signs, effects & statistics for each. Details the impacts on sexual abuse victims, profiles sex offenders, & provides a forum to write your own child abuse story.

    Abuse Recovery Help Survival help for victims of molestation, rape, domestic violence, elder abuse, etc.

    World Fellowship for Schizophrenia and Allied Disorder

    Indian Astrology – Free asrological predictions, mantra remedies, readings, horoscopes, gemstone consultancy and match making.

    Creativity in Education – Creativity is not unique to the arts. Creativity in education is equally important in mathematics, science, technnology, in business – indeed in all areas of life. Neither is creativity simply about letting go, after all creative achievements relies on knowledge, control of materials and command of ideas.

    Health Supplements

    Our aim is to help you achieve, maintain and prolong your health and wellbeing and as such we offer a wide selection of products and solutions ranging from beauty products such as anti ageing and skin care products, through to supplements, vitamins, and slimming wight loss aids.

    Bikram Yoga Benefits

    Learn about the unique benefits of Bikram Yoga and how you can energize your life with these yoga poses.

    Rollie McCarter Investigative Services

    Sales Training

    Sales Training, Presentation Skills Training, Negotiation Skills, and Telesales Skills Training Courses in London and the UK.

    Sales Training

    Sales training

    Little Tricks to Ward Off Insomnia

    You do not always need drugs and doctors to fight off insomnia

    Robert Heard M.A, B.C.E.T.S – ACT Professional Counseling by Phone Board Certified Expert in Tramautic Stress, Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress CERT. Sexual Abuse Therapist CERT. Family Therapist CERT. Addictions Therapist

    Spiritual Healing eCourses and eBook

    Arthritis Relief with nature’s treasure chest Information and articles on natural products that have been used to relieve arthritis symptoms.

    Home Gym – One of the leading independent fitness equipment & gym equipment suppliers in the UK.

    Personal Trainers London – Leading Celebrity Personal Trainer in London offers Personal Training for Fitness, Strength, Sports, Flexibility, Weight Loss, Weight Gain & more.

    Life and Soul Guidance – Holistic and Spiritual guidance – For anyone who feels lost or unhappy and is not sure why – via email or private chat room.

    Health Insurance

    Find health insurance quickly and easily online. Save yout time and money – visit

    Negotiation Skills

    Our negotiation skills training gives you the confidence to enter into any negotiating arena and secure teh best possible outcome.

    Massage Therapy – How to treat various diseases and illness with the help of massage therapy.

    Balanced Diet – Your free guide to live a healthy life. Eating balanced diet and healthy foods can truly help you live a better life.

    Eating Disorder Recovery Centre – The site for Eating Disorders Recovery.

    Paul Boulton – Psychic Therapist

    Professional Psychic based in Montville Sunshine Coast.

    Everyday Health

    Symptoms of Health Information, Resources, Tools and News Online.

    Aloe Gel Drinks, Aloe Skin Care, Aloe Skin Care Products, Aloe Barbadensis Miller

    Aloe benefit offers a searchable catalogue where you can buy Forever Aloe Vera products online. Forever Living Aloe Vera Animal & Home, Aloe Vera Drinks, Nutritional Supplements, Beehive Products, Aloe Vera Weight Management, Aloe Personal Care, Aloe Skincare, Sonya Skincare, Fleur De Jouvence, Specialist Aloe Skincare, Aloe Make-up & Aroma Spa Collection.

    Medico Health Care – Medico Health Care Services became popular english-speakers referred to medicine or to the health sector and spoke of the treatment & prevention of illness and disease.

    Contact Lenses – Find the contacts you need at a discount price from Just Lenses. Contact lenses for less straight to your door.

    Natural Health and Skin Care Services

    Natural Health and Skin Care Services are truly inventive idea in all World Skin and Health Care, also is a part of business and, like every business.

    Public Speaking

    Expert public speaking training, coaching and advice from Skillstudio in London and througour the UK and Europe.

    Walnut Creek Couples Counselor

    Marriage and couples counseling services in the Bay Area, serving San Ramon, Livermore, Danville, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and other nearby areas.

    Manhattan Physical Therapist

    For Chiropractors and physical therapists in New York City, visit Spine and Sports Medicine Clinic to treat back, knee and foot pain.

    The Center for Internet Addiction Recovery

    Dr Kimberly Young –

    Marriage and Relationship Forums is a large supportive community that helps each other with marriage and relationship problems.

    Magnesium oil – Magnesoothe brand magnesium oil uses pristine, highly concerntrated naturally occurring magnesium chloride from the dead sea. Bringing you love, light and wisdom. is ever expanding, full of informative articles. Featuring a free newsletter full of practical advice on a range of topics.


    PsychCentral – Mental Health Resource Online

    PsyBlog – Psychology Resource Online

    BPS Research Digest Blog

    Reports on latest Psychology Research

    Psychology Today – Psychology Resource Guide

    NASW Social Work Blog – Social Work Resource

    ACA Counseling Blog – Counseling Resource Online

    Mental Health Blog –

    The Health Care Blog –


    Amazon –

    Borders –

    Dymocks –

    Group Therapy For Depression

    Matt Lundquist offers group therapy for depression

    Massage – Explore the massage therapy benefits for body, mind and soul.


    Networked Blogs –

    The Marriage Counseling Blog

    The Counseling Courier

    Psychotherapy & Counselling Arena

    Blogtalkradio –

    Counselling Resource –

    Behavior Online Forums –

    Mental Help Net Forums –

    Psych Central – Psychotherapy and Mental Health Forums

    Self Improvement  – Find proven and practical success tips, self improvement tips and personal development tips on the ultimate success guide.

    Best Learning Disabilities Tutors

    Improve study skills from one of the top tutors that specialize in learning disabilities including, dyslexia, ADD and ADHD. http://www.soundfeelings.com_learning_disabilities_tutors.htm


    MedicineNet – Health and Medical Information

    National Library of Medicine –

    Medscape –

    AMA –

    Australian Medical Practitioner Directory

    Australian Doctor –

    WebMD –

    Doctors Lounge –

    eMedical –

    Live Chat Online Doctor –

    Online Diagnosis –

    Medical Online –

    Health Central –

    Health Line –

    Mayo Clinic –

    Kids Health –

    Dallas Life Coach – Life Coaching Fort Worth – Executive Coaching – Personal Development Coaching

    The Gardner Institute is a Coaching and Coach Training company based in Dallas – Forth Worth, Texas

    How to Stay Fit – Alternativehealthwellness is dedicated in providing valuable information relationg to health and fitness.

    Distance Learning MBA – Karrox College of Technology (KCTM) offers various distance learning graduate and undergraduate programs for working professionals.

    Abuse Survivors Recovery – Help for victims of child molestation, rape, incest, domestic violence, elder abuse etc

    Adult Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse – AMSOSA UK

    Phentramin D – Phentramin-d is the strongest non prescription diet pill for weight loss you you can buy, period. Buy Phentramin-d, Phentramin 37.5, Phentramin diet pills & Phentramin alternatives online.


    Clinical Psychology Degree – Southhampton Solent University’s Clinical Psychology Degree covers all the major areas of psychology, but places an emphasis on clinical psychology.

    CHILD SAFTEY, INTERNET SAFTEY, FAMILY WEBSITES – Helping the youth of today prepare for tomorrow. Providing parents, children and teens information on internet safety.


    Political News –

    New York Times –

    Los Angeles Times –

    CBS News –

    News – UK –

    BBC Blog Network –

    News – Australia –

    News – Australia –

    Grapevine, Podiatrist, Podiatry, Foot Pain, Colleyville, Southlake, Texas – Our Physicians are all extensively trained and offer your family state of the art technology and training copled with good old fashioned common sense and compassion.


    Drug Information –

    Drug Information Online –

    Medication Blog –

    Everyday Health Blog –

    Modern Medicine Network

    First Aid Kit – Complete saftey and medical emergency kits to provide full first aid supplies including ointments, bandages, burn relief and other products necessary for your first aid kits.

    Counselor Magazine –

    Health News, Wellness & Medical Information

    Natural Health Therapies, Holistic Medicines

    Mens Health Magazine –

    Psychology Today –

    Womens Health Magazine

    Mens Online Magazine –

    Social Work Today –

    Mindfood –

    Online Psychotherapy Magazine

    Psychotherapy Networker Magazine

    Body Mind Spirit Magazine –

    Psychiatric News –


    ResearchGate –

    Scientific American News

    Journal Resources –

    Journals –

    Journal of Counseling Psychology – PsycNET

    Journals –

    Online-Classes – Tired of your dead end job? Online Classes can give you the edge you need to get to the career you want

    Louise Morganti Kaelin – Life Success Coach

    Louise Morganti Kaelin provides coaching and resources, including free newsletter, to help you be your best self and live your life in wholeness. Get off the treadmill and get on the escalator up!



    Beyond Blue –

    Psych Central – –

    Online Depression Research Studies

    Depression Research Clinic –


    Science Daily –

    UCSF Depression Center


    National Institutes of Health –

    National Child Protection Clearinghouse

    Child Abuse Research & Statistics

    Sexual Abuse – Journal of Research and Treatment

    NSPCC Research –

    Abuse, Neglect and Violence

    Child Abuse and Neglect –

    Resource List – Child Abuse


    National Institute of Mental Health

    The Centre for Eating and and Dieting Disorders

    Eating Disorders –

    Centre for Clinical Interventions

    Resources –

    Resources –

    Research –

    Research –

    Eating Disorders Foundation

    The Butterfly Foundation


    Anxiety Treatment and Research Centre

    Information and Resources

    Journal of Anxiety Disorders

    Resources –

    Virtual Medical Centre


    Trauma and Resilience Trauma Unit

    Resources –

    Bully Online –

    Resources –

    Australian Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health

    Medical Journal Articles


    Australian Domestic and Family Violence


    Journal Articles –

    Family Matters –


    Adoption Institute –

    Adoption Library –

    Post Adoption Resource Centre


    National Institute on Drug Abuse

    Drug Addiction Support

    Australian Drug Information Network

    Drug Information Clearinghouse


    Bullying No Way –

    Cyber Bullying –

    National Centre Against Bullying

    Cyberbullying Research Center

    Child Psychology Research Blog

    Resources for Kids –

    Article – Long Term Effects of Bullying

    Resources for Workplace –

    Articles –


    All Psych Journal –


    Resources –

    Resources –

    Internet Addiction –

    Drug and Alcohol Resources

    ADIN Australian Drug Information Network   Contains over 350 searchable links to quality assured web links in Australia and Overseas.  Also search ADIN databases for projects, resources and drug educators.

    WA Drug Abuse Strategy This locally developed site contains current information on WA services & agencies, regional profiles, WA Drug Abuse Strategy Action Plan, and other key reports, newsletters, and information.  Key links to other Australian web sites are also provided

    ARF Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs: A Guide to Information on the Internet This Canadian-based directory provides 41 subject headings based on The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (USA) Alcohol and Other Drug Thesaurus. It is well set out and very comprehensive. Many of the sites are based in Northern America.

    Alcohol and Other Drug Internet Directory Twenty or so domains contain a broad range of internet sites on a range of subjects not normally seen in other directories.  This site contains a range of other useful information on specific drugs as well as other search engines.

    Medical Resouces

    Australian Vaccination network

    American Botanical Council

    ANTA Australian Natural therapist Association

    Biologcal Farmers Association Australia

    Complementary and Alternative Medicine Regulation in New Zealand

    Drug Information Association International

    Food and Drug Administration. FDA America 

    Health Finder US Gov selected databases.

    International Aromatherapy and Herb Association

    National Center For Complimentary and Alternative Medicines

    National Herbalists Association Australia

    N.I.M.H. – National Institute of Medical Herbalists

    OMNI Organising Medical networked Information UK resources medicine , health Bio medicine

    Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine UK

    The Brittish Herbal Medicine Association

    Personal Training Resources

    Cincinnati Fitness Expert, Brian Calkins

    Teaching men and women how to safely and effectively lose weight, get in shape and dramatically improve their health, energy and vitality!

    Better Athletic Development (B.A.D.)

    The ultimate in research based, innovative performance enhancement, injury prevention and education of athletes. Great performances and good sportsmanship begin with BAD athletes. Get GREAT results doing it the BAD way! Your Number One Choice For Functional & Developmental Conditioning.

    Explosivelyfit  The intellectual resource warehouse for premier strength and conditioning fitness training information. From the basics to the advanced, we have the resources to assist you in your quest for positive physical and mental fitness. Large selection of bodybuilding and weight loss supplements at discounted prices.

    Sports Psychology Tools for Athletes Uncover the secrets used by professional athletes to boost your mental game advantage! Developed by sports psychology guru, Dr. Patrick Cohn. Fat loss nutritional supplements at rock bottom prices. Discount vitamins and diet supplements. Get lean now! Winner of several awards, – The Internet’s Fitness Resource provides fitness and nutrition advice, fitness clothing, equipment, books and videos, a comprehensive directory of fitness sites, information for fitness industry professionals and much, much more. Weight- loss and Bodybuilding supplements at Wholesale!(Trimspa, Xenadrine, Stacker 2, Cell Tech, Hydroxycut, Detour Bars.) Quality Health through Nutrition & Fitness Activities: Supplements, Diet, Weight Control, Health & Fitness News, Fitness Apparel, Exercise Equipment…

    Truly Huge Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness.

    Body Basics Fitness Training, Certification, & Continuing Education for personal trainers, group/aerobics instructors and wellness consultants

    Absolute Sports Nutrition  Specializing in Service, Price, Selection & Information on Nutritional Supplements. Including Sports Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs.

    Medical Resources


    Acne Introduction: Acne is an inflammatory skin condition characterized by clogged pores, blackheads, and pimples. The oil glands, or sebaceous glands, are connected to hair follicles and release a substance known as sebum that lubricates hair and skin.


    Alcoholism is a chronic, often progressive disease in which a person craves alcohol and drinks despite repeated alcohol related problems (like losing a job or a relationship). Alcoholism involves a physical dependence on alcohol, but other factors include genetic, psychological, and cultural influences.

    Allergic Rhinitis

    Allergic rhinitis is an allergic reaction that happens when your immune system overreacts to substances that you have inhaled, such as pollen. The two types of allergic rhinitis are seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and perennial allergic rhinitis, which occurs year-round.


    The Aloe vera plant has been used for thousands of years to heal a variety of conditions, most notably burns, wounds, skin irritations, and constipation. It is grown in most subtropical and tropical locations, including South Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.


    Alopecia is the loss of hair. Hair loss can be caused by different reasons, including damage to the hair shaft or follicles. Fungal infections can also cause hair loss. There are two main types of alopecia. Alopecia areata occurs when the body’s immune system attacks hair follicles and causes hair to fall out.

    Alpha-lipoic acid

    Alpha-lipoic acid Overview: Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant that is made by the body and is found in every cell, where it helps turn glucose into energy. Antioxidants are substances that attack “free radicals,” waste products created when the body turns food into energy. Free radicals cause harmful chemical reactions that can damage cells in the body, making it harder for the body to fight off infections. They also damage organs and tissues. Unlike other antioxidants, which work only in water (such as vitamin C) or fatty tissues (such as vitamin E), alpha-lipoic acid is both fat- and water-soluble.


    primary and secondary. When a girl reaches age 16 and has not had a period, she may have primary amenorrhea. When a woman who has been having periods misses three in a row, she is considered to have secondary amenorrhea. Secondary amenorrhea is more common than primary amenorrhea. Amenorrhea is a sign of another condition, not a disease itself. Many things can cause it, from low body weight to hormonal imbalances to problems with the pituitary gland.

    American ginseng

    The name “ginseng” is used to refer to both American (Panax quinquefolius) and Asian or Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng), which belong to the genus Panax and have a somewhat similar chemical makeup.


    Primary amyloidosis (AL), the most common form, occurs when bone marrow produces too much of certain fragments of antibody proteins, which build up in the bloodstream and may be deposited in body tissues.

    Complementary and alternative medicine

    What is CAM? Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a term used to describe a wide range of healing systems that are not considered part of mainstream or conventional Western medicine. The goal of conventional medicine is to find the physical source of a particular disease and then treat it. For example, if a person has an infection, a conventional doctor may prescribe an antibiotic to kill the invading bacteria. CAM practitioners, on the other hand, take a more “holistic” approach to health care.


    Anaphylaxis is a sudden, serious allergic reaction that can be life threatening. Symptoms may be mild to start, but they become severe in minutes, or even seconds. Occasionally, the symptoms develop gradually over 24 hours.


    Anemia occurs when your blood does not have enough red blood cells to properly carry oxygen to your organs and tissues. Because your body doesn’t get enough oxygen, you feel tired – one of the primary symptoms of anemia.


    Angina is chest pain caused by restricted blood flow to the heart (called ischemia). It usually occurs when you are under emotional or physical stress (such as exercise). The heart doesn’t get enough oxygen from the coronary arteries, and you feel a squeezing chest pain or pressure across your chest, which usually goes away after you stop the activity.


    Angioedema refers to swelling that happens just below the surface of the skin, most often around the lips and eyes. In an allergic reaction, the body produces histamine, which causes blood vessels to swell. Angioedema is similar to hives, but with hives there are itchy red welts on the surface of your skin. Angioedema is a deeper swelling.


    Beta-carotene is a type of pigment found in plants, especially carrots and colorful vegetables. The name beta-carotene is derived from the Latin name for carrot. It gives yellow and orange fruits and vegetables their rich hues. Beta-carotene is also used as a coloring agent for foods such as margarine. Beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A (retinol) by the body.


    Biofeedback is a technique that trains people to improve their health by controlling certain bodily processes that normally happen involuntarily, such as heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and skin temperature.

    Bone cancer

    Bone cancers are rare forms of cancer that can affect any bone in the body. Two types of bone cancer are multiple myeloma and bone sarcomas. About 2,000 primary bone cancers are diagnosed in the United States each year. Bone cancers can also happen when tumors that start in other organs, such as breasts, lung, and prostate, metastasize (spread) to the bone.

    Brain cancer

    More than 17,000 people in the United States are diagnosed each year with a brain tumor. Some tumors are benign (noncancerous). Noncancerous tumors can usually be removed and are not likely to recur. Other tumors are malignant (cancerous).

    Breast cancer

    Breast cancer is when a cancerous tumor occurs inside the breast. Each year more than 185,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Incidence rates rose 21% from 1973 – 1990, but then began to decline. Mortality rates have stayed relatively constant until recently, when annual decreases have been seen.


    Bronchitis occurs when the air passages in your lungs become inflamed. Bronchitis can be acute or chronic. Acute bronchitis is usually due to a viral infection – such as a cold -that starts in your nose or sinuses and spreads to the airways.


    Burns can happen when the skin is exposed to heat (from fire or hot liquids), electricity, corrosive chemicals, or radiation (UV rays from the sun or tanning beds, or radiation treatments). Burns are classified as follows, according to the severity of tissue damage: First degree burns – affect only the outer layer of the skin (epidermis), causing pain and redness. Second degree burns – extend to the second layer of the skin (the dermis), causing pain, redness, and blisters that may ooze.


    Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. It is essential for the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth, the location of about 99% of the body’s calcium. Calcium also helps the heart, nerves, muscles, and other body systems work properly.

    Carpal tunnel syndrome

    Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is an injury caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist. The injury causes pain and numbness in the index and middle fingers and weakness of the thumb. Carpal tunnel receives its name from the eight bones in the wrist, called carpals, which form a “tunnel” through which the nerve leading to the hand extends.

    Celery seed

    Today, celery seed is used primarily as a diuretic, meaning it increases urine output to help the body get rid of excess water. Celery seed is also sometimes used for treating arthritis and gout, and to help reduce muscle spasms, calm the nerves, and reduce inflammation.

    Celiac sprue

    Celiac disease, also called celiac sprue, is a digestive disease in which eating gluten – a protein found in bread, pasta, and other foods – damages the small intestine.


    Cellulitis is a bacterial infection of the skin. It can also affect the deeper layers of connective tissue beneath your skin and, in severe cases, spread to your lymph nodes. Bacteria get into the skin through a cut, scrape, or other laceration. Cellulitis most often affects the legs, but it may also affect the arms, face, and scalp. Generally, taking antibiotics cures cellulitis. However, the condition sometimes leads to serious complications. Without treatment, it can become life threatening.

    Cervical dysplasia Cervical dysplasia is a condition characterized by the abnormal growth of cells on the surface of the cervix, indicating either precancerous or cancerous cells. The condition is classified as low-grade or high-grade, depending on the extent of the abnormal cell growth. Low-grade cervical dysplasia progresses very slowly and typically resolves on its own. High-grade cervical dysplasia can lead to cervical cancer.


    Chiropractic concentrates on manipulating the spine and other joints to treat illnesses. It is based on the belief that because the nervous system controls the body, correcting the spine can treat a variety of illness.


    Named for the prickly scales in its large conical seed head, the herb resembles the spines of an angry hedgehog (echinos is Greek for hedgehog).


    Eczema is a chronic, inflammatory skin disorder. It can appear as blisters that crust over to become scaly, itchy rashes, or as dry, thick patches of skin with scales. The main symptom is itching, and symptoms can come and go.

    Edema  Edema (also known as dropsy or fluid retention) is swelling caused by the accumulation of abnormally large amounts of fluid in the spaces between the body’s cells or in the circulatory system. It is most common in feet, ankles, and legs.

    Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)

    Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) is one of several omega-3 fatty acids used by the body. It is found in cold water fatty fish, such as salmon. It is also found in fish oil supplements, along with docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Omega-3 fatty acids are part of a healthy diet that helps lower risk of heart disease.