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First Session FREE - 50mins [email protected]

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    Online Counseling Sessions are fee based:

    Online Counseling Session: 50 mins $100.00

    (Reduced Fees Available for Counseling Sessions)

    The client is able to purchase counselling appointments in a package via PayPal as another option.
    10 online counselling appointments for $1000 AUD (Australia and International basis)
    10 face to face appointments for $1200 AUD (Location: Sydney, Australia)
    Online counselling appointment via Skype 60 mins is: $100 AUD (refer to packages available)
    Face to face counselling 60 mins for $120 AUD (refer to packages available)
    Email Counselling Responses for $50 AUD

    Explore those issues you feel difficult to communicate face to face. Be able to open up and talk about the feelings you find hard to express in person.

    “It is the client who knows what hurts, what direction to go, what problems are crucial, what experiences have been deeply buried”

    Carl Rogers: On becoming a person – 1961

    “I was seeing a counsellor for many years, but I just couldn’t afford the high fees anymore. I found Power of Mind online and I was relieved as I could get help for half the price!”

    … By M.