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    Rehab Aftercare Counseling on behalf of Hope Rehab Thailand

    Counselling support following Rehab

    online counselling

    Have you ever considered why continued success after a period of rehabilitation hasn’t always gone to plan? Undergoing rehab treatment is a great achievement in itself and reaching goals is effective in long term motivation.

    What happens after treatment is completed?

    Have you considered continuing counselling or therapy treatment with a counsellor or therapist to remain positive and complete your goals for therapeutic treatment? Research shows long term success is proven when the client continues counselling treatment long term.

    Skype counselling

    Online Skype sessions can be a great way to track your therapy goals and continue treatment with a professional counsellor or therapist in the comfort and privacy of home or anywhere of your choosing where you have internet access.

    Why should I continue counselling after rehab?

    There is a higher chance of achieving your goals and maintaining progress through involvement with online therapeutic treatment.

    To remain positive in achieving future recovery goals and not fall into old patterns.
    To continue working on yourself as an individual and work on other issues and concerns that might arise after rehab treatment.
    The continuation of counselling treatment after rehab is important and the chances of complete recovery can be achieved by continued counselling, either face to face or online counselling as a follow up and guide to achieving sustained success.

    Rehab doesn’t have to be the final step in the road to recovery. To gain back control of your life consider having counselling for aftercare recovery.

    You can arrange an appointment at your convenience for aftercare counselling assistance.

    *Lisa Laba Sarkis has been working in private practice for the past 10 years with various issues including addiction, long term addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, stress to list some issues.

    Power of Mind – Private Counselling Practice

    Lisa Laba Sarkis B.SocSc B.SW Counsellor, Therapist, Social Worker

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