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    Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy – Protection of your Privacy

    Power of Mind Private Online Counselling acknowledges that your privacy protection is very important. Power of Mind follows the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector Act) 2000. Personal information such as your name, email and signature are collected to give the client the best possible service.

    Power of Mind Privacy Principles include;

    Fair Collection use of personal information

    Before Online Counselling Sessions begin, the clients personal information is collected, for example client name, email address and client’s signature for informed consent. Power of Mind may collect personal information about the client which may be relevant to online counselling.

    Power of Mind will only collect information that is considered necessary for the effectiveness of online counselling. The counsellor will keep information stored in computer file to keep a record of the session. Power of Mind may also ask the client during the online counselling session for information about themselves regarding age, gender, and issues they would like to discuss.

    Use and Disclosure

    Power of Mind may ask for and collect information that is necessary for the outcome of a positive online counselling session. The use of information is to provide the best possible service to the client, to be there as a support, to protect the safety and well being of the individual client.

    Power of Mind will only disclose personal information if necessary; if the person either counsellor or client is at risk of harm; if there is a suspected case of child abuse or alleged child abuse, known or suspected case of adult or elder abuse, or if there is a threat to self harm.


    Power of Mind keeps all client personal information confidential. When possible Power of Mind will always advise clients of confidentiality and the importance it has on the individual counselling sessions.

    Data Quality

    Power of Mind will always ensure personal information is gathered accurately. Power of Mind will only use your email address for the purpose of online counselling. Your email address will be used as a form of contact in order to book an appointment.


    Power of Mind uses a secure system for online counselling, protecting the information that is collected by the client both in paper format and stored in the computer file. Power of Mind will always ensure that information is transferred securely and log in passwords by Paypal and MSN Messenger are used in order to protect the individual client.

    Openness and Access

    Power of Mind will always be open about counselling practices regarding management of personal information. If you require access to your individual online counselling sessions. Power of Mind can provide you with this information; the individual client will have to write a request in writing and have a valid reason for having this information.


    Power of Mind will provide an anonymous service where you will have the option of being able to use another name for the purpose of online counselling, you may use a name you feel comfortable with, the choice is up to the individual client.

    Sensitive Information

    Talking to a counsellor about issues affecting you through online counselling may be very difficult. Power of Mind is aware that the information in the counselling session may be sensitive and the counsellor at all times willprovide the best possible professional help, support and guidance to cater to each individual client.

    More information about Privacy law and National privacy priniples can be found at