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    • Is the counsellor at Power Of Mind a qualified counsellor?

      Yes of course the counsellor at Power Of Mind, Lisa Laba is a fully qualified counsellor with vast experience in offering online counselling services. Lisa Laba has completed Bachelor of Social Science Majoring in Applied Psychology Counselling Bachelor of Social Work.

    • Is the counsellor at Power Of Mind certified to offer online counselling services?

      Yes, Lisa Laba is a fully certified to offer online counselling services in Australia.

    • Is this online counselling service a free service?

      The first session with the counsellor is a free session and once you are comfortable with the counsellor you can book your subsequent appointments by paying the right fee for the service required.

    • Is it expensive to hire the online counsellor at Power Of Mind?

      No, not at all when compared to what you pay your regular counsellor the online counselling services at Power Of Mind comes at just a fraction of the cost. Moreover, as you are not required to drive to your counsellor’s office you will be saving both time and fuel by having a private session online from where ever you are.

    • Will the counsellor’s time be dedicated to me exclusively during the session or will the online counsellor be interacting with multiple clients simultaneously?

      You need not have to entertain any doubts or worries in this regard. Your online counsellor will not be engaging multiple clients simultaneously. The counsellor at Power Of Mind offers honest and professional counselling services. The counsellor will be present 100% to listen to you and to help you. The counsellor has a great passion to help people with her counselling skills and money making is not the priority here. You can confidently approach your online counsellor at Power Of Mind.

    • Do I need to go on web cam during the counselling session?

      You are not required to go on the web cam during the counselling session. You will enjoy 100% privacy. Even if you are a very shy person or someone that is embarrassed to
      discuss certain issues face to face with a counsellor, Power Of Mind online counselling sessions will open the doors for getting in touch with yourself.

    • When should the payments be made to the counsellor?

      Given the nature of the services and being that it is an online service you are required to make the full payment for the services before the session starts. Your appointments will
      be confirmed once the payments are done fully.

    • How many sessions will I need to get my problem resolved?

      This will depend on the nature of the problem that is being dealt with and also on how well you are responding to the counsellor. The number of sessions required varies from person to person from case to case.

    • Does this service require me to enter into any long term contract with the counsellor?

      Absolutely not. You can make use of the services as and when required depending on your specific requirements. You can pay for the service on session by session basis as you go. You can stop anytime you like. You enjoy total freedom here.