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    Power of Mind believes it is very important to respect every individual and take into consideration their points of view.

    Confidentiality is very important and essential when counselling clients.

    Power of Mind is a highly confidential service and will always act in accordance to the social, legal and ethical issues.

    Many people experience a sense of stigma or shame around issues. The opportunity for an anonymous and confidential support online can help many people to feel safer and more in control when they communicate about their concerns.

    If you feel overwhelmed by any issue, online counselling can benefit you. Have a go and put your mind at ease!

    “I don’t have to travel anywhere. I get support online at home… and it is cheap too!” – J.

    “I have always felt embarrassed to see a counsellor face to face. When my friend told me about this service, I wanted to give it a try. I wish I discovered Power of Mind earlier… I didn’t even know counselling online existed.” – A.

    Having counselling in Sydney is easily accessible through online counselling having the support provided by a professional qualified counsellor can help you deal with the issues you are facing on a daily basis. I am your professional counsellor in Sydney and anywhere worldwide that can offer you assistance within 24 hours. Find a way to talk, chat and gain support through counselling instantly online.

    As an online therapist I can assist you in a way you can feel comfortable and relaxed in an online setting. Therapy online can be an effective method of being able to talk, chat and deal with your current feelings, thoughts and concerns. As an online therapist I can provide you with the knowledge understanding and supportive help through the means of technology being guided through therapy online. Providing therapy chat in the privacy of your home is also affordable and saves you time in the process. If you have been afraid to see a therapist by exploring the method of therapy online you can feel able to seek therapy without the added pressures and concerns of everyday.

    As your Online Therapist I am available now. Please send an email through the contact page or email [email protected] or [email protected] to make an appointment within 24 hours.